Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kids and cameras

Ever wonder what happens if you hand your kids a camera and let them have a great time? Well, I'll tell you. You end up with 128 pictures.  Of those, 68 were either completely black or so out of focus you couldn't tell what you were supposed to see.  Bu the others came out something like this.
You can probably tell who took most of the pictures since you can see who's in most of the pictures. ;)  But I think they turned out nicely.  Except it makes parts of my house look like an episode of hoarders. Eeek! I have very little excuse, except that at this time, my bathroom is under renovation so the rest of the house is messier to compensate for everything being torn out of there. Anyway, they had a wonderful time and I now have documentation of it! :D 

But now I'm intrigued about a new-to-me photo editing site, my friend and sister-in-law from Ozark Mama Reviews  told me about.  Maybe I can make these even better!  Let's see.
I'm new at this, so I'm sure with practice it will get better, but I think this is an improvement.  How fun for us!   I need to print this and save it for the future.  I think they'll cherish it as much as I do now. And boy, I really need to learn how to make a fuzzy picture look less fuzzy.  Or maybe teach my kids to stand still when they click a picture.  Either one. ;)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the editing you can do with this website.  Many tools are free and some require an upgrade at a reasonable fee. Can't beat that, right?

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