Monday, April 29, 2013

Re-sizing jeans

I hate jean shopping.  I try on 20 pairs of jeans and none of them fit just right.  (Or I have to go into the size range this is not mine, just to get them on, but then they're saggy everywhere.  Or fit my hips by are so loose on my waist I could pull them off without unzipping/unbuttoning.  Or they're that awful low-rise fad that just increases my mama muffin top.  Not pretty.  Not sexy.  Just say no!  Well, when planning to go to Time Out For Women, I decided I really needed a nice new outfit that made me feel special.  It's been quite a while since I bought something new and just for me.  I really just wanted something that didn't have snot, peanut butter, or baby barf on it.  I know. It's crazy, but it was my plan.  So, I took a spare 30 minutes I had with a babysitter and went looking at the Surplus Store.  I also hate paying full price for things.  Knowing how much I detest jean shopping for the reasons I've already shared, I planned on finding a pair that was too big and hoping I could adjust it easily and make it work.  I bought a pair that were at least 2 sizes too big in the waist, but were just about perfect in the hips.  And they were only $13. Yes!  The legs were also bigger than the current style (see skinny leg jeans: blah!), but I adore the old boot cut/straight leg style anyway.  Basically, I bought these pants out of desperation and I was GOING to make them work.  When I got home, fed kids, and had a moment to myself, I started googling.  I came up with a couple DIYs that suggested ways to cut the jeans and resew the back seam, but that would put the pockets closer together.  For my wide bottom, I was worried it would make me look EVEN WIDER.  Then I found this totally brilliant tutorial.  I was giddy!  It was so simple!

Please look at her directions because they're well done for the beginner/intermediate. But basically you just cut a slit on the inside of the waistband and slip in a strip of elastic. Tighten it to the right place and sew it in.

Now, since my waist band was a bit large, it does look completely ridiculous when it's not on my body.  They're all scrunched up and funny looking.  But when I'm wearing them, I feel great and I look great.  We'll just cut out that absolutely huge number that was written on the jean size. ;-)

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