Monday, May 13, 2013

Gearing Up for the Flats Challenge

Are you as excited as I am about this challenge?  I started with one cotton hemp flat that I used exclusively as a pocket insert.  I now have 19 "t-shirt flats," dug out my Gerber (read junky) birdseye flats, and will probably add a flannel flat or two. I have a couple of snappis already and a friend is loaning me a couple of boingos.  I already had my econobum one size covers, but I dug out my pocket diapers, too.  I tested my camp-style washer Thursday, just washing the 3 flats I had used Wednesday and line dried them.  Washing was so fast I was seriously surprised.  Drying was pretty good, too, except for the darn bird that dared POO on my clean diaper!  One of the risks, I suppose.

Now that I'm looking at my calendar for that week, it should be pretty interesting.  I've got a couple of places to be and we're ending the week with a camping trip.  Since camping was one of the reasons I wanted to learn flats, this will be good for me, right? Right?!  I'm a little nervous, but I pledged to do it, so it'll work out!  I'll just have to bring my washer, detergent, and a clothesline when we go.  Or wash them all before we go and after we get back.  I don't know.  I'll figure it out.

If you're planning to do the challenge, what have you done to prepare?

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